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“Twenty septums to the winner, as per usual?” The captain challenged, already drawing her leather wallet from the back pocket of her cut denim shorts.

“Damn straight!” Aelo confirmed, fumbling in his deep jacket pockets. Finally, he produced a crumpled strip of lavender dyed paper with the authentic Galaxy insignia faded gray with years of abuse.

“You’re not going to win this time, Bastet!” The wily man roared before tossing the bill on the ship’s flight command console to his left, rolling up he sleeves. The ruddy skin woman laughed behind her bandit scarf, a mischievous sparkle dancing in her dark, almond shaped eyes. Bastet took a lazy fighting stance.

“You guys ready?” The question the excited engineer offered was directed more toward the anticipated crew members that encircled them more than to the two opponents.

“Hell yeah!” Aelo cried, his competitor nodded.

“Three…Two…One…” With each number of the countdown the whole assemblage stepped backward, “Hit the deck!”

Aelo began the assault by releasing a bone crushing fist on where Bastet once stood, but the light-footed captain side stepped and blew past him. He lashed out blindly behind him, feeling his knuckles connect with muscled flesh.


The innocent bystander crumpled and hit the ground with a loud ‘oomph’.

Soft footsteps on his left, Aelo twisted to narrowly escape a shot at his stomach from his invisible opposition. Tittering on his right made Aelo whip 360 degrees to wreck the side of his shipmate’s face with a devastating haymaker. Resuming as if nothing happened, the unorganized male led a one man assault on a nearby chair, and then a roundhouse kick landed straight on the thruster shift, The lever easily switched from idle to full warp, sending the entire faction of space pirates pressed against the bulkhead door at the back of the cockpit.

“I swear to God, Aelo, if my damn ship crashes into an asteroid I’m going to kill you!” Bastet fumed from her position plastered on top of an especially burly crewman.

“I’m real sorry about this Aburo.” The woman apologized to the man, who grinned and shook his head in disregard, “’t’s no prob’em, cap’n.” he boomed over the whirring that was usual during warp sessions.

Aelo laughed, “I didn’t know Aburo was the type you went for, Bastet! That explains why you always turn me down. I mean, who can resi-“

Aelo was cut off by a loose boot planting itself firmly between his thighs-as if it was possessed by the Captain herself.

“Aelo, to God! No food for a week!” Bastet threatened.

Aelo took a moment to register the-

Food? I could really go for some spaghetti right now. Wait, say what? What does she mean by ‘no food’? No food.

Off he went, prying himself from the wall and making slow process toward the captain chair in the middle of the room. From there, he pressed onward with a goal of getting to the module navigation computer at the nose of the ship.

“Move your ass, Aelo!”

“I’m going as fast as I can, woman!”

Grappling for the handle, Aelo yanked it back into standstill. This resulted in the inverse effect of everyone getting thrown forward, with Bastet being flung into Aelo’s back and thus his smacking his forehead off the display screen.

Out cold.

Two notes of Galaxy currency floated carelessly down to rest on his chest, and Bastet leaned down to retrieve the valuable notes.

“You lost again, Outlaw Star.”

“Tell me, what’s it like living in the constant haze of stupidity?”

Story Idea::

Outlaw-A term referring, but not confined to, select individuals that find themselves born in an area not considered within the range of the Galaxy. They are most commonly a poor, but self-sustaining group of people taking up residence on long since abandoned planets throughout the universe. It could also hold a different meaning that encompasses anyone fleeing the Galaxy for a dishonorable reason (i.e. a draft dodger, a person running from punishment for a crime, etc.). On rare occasions Outlaws are able to escape their birthplace and make it among the Galactic citizens, but most are restrained to their home planet.

However, there is one highly technologically advanced space ship of unknown origin that came under the possession of one of these Outlaws. Her name was Bastet, she was born and raised as an Outlaw for twenty two years at the time. Bastet and her crew of bandits were the Robin Hood and Merry Men of their time, stealing from the rich with their prized Genesis Star (or just ‘Star’) and giving to the poor Outlaws.

While on a dangerous venture to steal from one the most influential families in the Galaxy Bastet found herself facing a fragile youth bound in chains rather than the treasure that was rumored to be there at the time.

A listless eleven year old male could sell at a high price on the market as a pet, but she didn’t have the heart to sell the child into further abuse. Instead, she took him as her son. Being infertile as she was, Bastet had no hope of conceiving a child of her own, but the marred boy seemed to be cut from the same tattered cloth as her so she could find no better match.

She named him ‘Aelo Clay’ in commemoration of her deceased father, but most took to referring to him as ‘Outlaw Star’; born from the connection between Queen of Outlaws and her Genesis Star.

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